Verktøy AS Industri (VASI) operates its own calibration laboratory for testing and certification of torque testers
with associated electronics, as well as manual hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic torque tools. 
Calibration activities are divided into three units:
Electromechanical calibration
Calibration of electronic torque transducers and associated read out equipment. This is done with tracable weight arms,
weights, voltmeters and electronic sensors.
Test capacity is 0.1 to 6780 Nm with tracable weight arm equipment. 
The system and the classification is base on calibration standard BS 7882 and DIN 51309, wich is the current industry
standard for all certified producers of torque measurment equipment. To date there is no current ISO standard in this area.
Laboratory follows and works acc. guidelines for Norwegian Lab standard 17025
 This means that full uncertainty budgets are investigated and may be forwarded to the customer on request. Calibration
intervals of referance equipment complied acc. applicable standard. Further work in the laboratory regulated acc. to
Test capacity for electronically tracable sensors are
0.01 - 100 000 Nm
Calibration is performed by an internally assessed standard based on BS/DIN standard
(Applicable BS/DIN covers only calibrations performed in the range from 0.1 to 6780 Nm )
Mechanical Calibration - Manual tools
Calibration of manual torque tools such as torque wrenches are performed acc. ISO EN26789
Capacity from 0.01 to 3000 Nm
Mechanical Calibration - Motorized tools
Calibration of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric torque tools with capacity from 200 to 100 000 Nm
are performed acc. ISO EN26789
We have internal calibration routines developed in cooperation with the manufacaturers. We also perform
dynamic calibrations up to 100 000Nm
In many cases, customers wanted to read dynamic(dynamometric) and we have developed special rigs that
perform such tests up to 100 000Nm