ARIS Testing Software


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ARIS systems all use a common software platform running on a Microsoft Windows embedded operating system. Software versions from Resonic are semi-customized for each new application or to satisfy unique measurement needs of individual clients. ARIS software is fully graphical, multi-featured, and multi-modal. It combines a testing interface, a signals analysis environment, a simple automation controller, and a test data management tool.

For low volume part sorting or manual testing a manual testing interface is available for users which is centered around simplified and intuitive analysis of raw resonance waveform shapes. Waveforms with amplitude and frequency gating tools offer the quickest test setup while also offering sophisticated users a chance to learn more about the material under test in addition to a go or no-go test result.

For higher volume or semi-automated component testing, ARIS software offers users the ability to efficiently automate pass/fail decisions based on a unique system of component profiling. Profiling requires at least one dimension of motion control similar to a UT c-scan. For a detailed look at the application of component profiling with EMAR, see the engine valve application page or engine valve NDT presentation slides.

For system integrators or developers, ARIS software can be made to integrate fully with PLC or computer based systems for any level of desired automation.



  • Runs on Microsoft Windows 7 Embedded
  • External mouse and keyboard controlled
  • Fully programmable digital IO for unlimited integration