Manual Torque Multipliers

Norbar gearboxes are built to an extremely high standard of precision.
All gears rotate on needle roller bearings about hardened and ground journal pins. As a result, Norbar HandTorques can be relied upon to have a torque multiplication accuracy of +/-4%, throughout the operating range, taking the uncertainty out of high torque tightening.

No gearbox is 100% efficient and so the velocity ratio (the number of turns that the input has to make to achieve one revolution of the output) is not the same as the torque multiplication ratio. Norbar multipliers are engineered such that each gear stage has a velocity ratio of typically 5.45:1 which results in a true torque multiplication factor of 5:1. Torque output calculations are therefore a matter of simple arithmetic with little risk of incorrect bolt loading due to conversion errors.

Other manufacturer's multipliers often require graphs or formulae to calculate the input torque to achieve a particular output.
The Norbar HandTorque is the most comprehensive multiplier range available. Standard products are available up to 47,500 N·m (35,000 lbf·ft) and 'specials' to 300,000 N·m (220,000 lbf·ft).

A range of 'nose extensions' for reaching difficult to access bolts and full range of torque transducers for highly accurate torque monitoring are available.

Torque Multiplier HT-3

Bilde av HT3

HandTorque HT3 Multipliers are tough, versatile and well priced multiplier kits,
up to 2700 N·m.

They have true 5:1 multiplication and are supplied with two reaction styles for maximum versatility. Ideal for heavy vehicle tool kits.

Supplied in carry case.

Weight is without reaction arm.

ModelTorque rangeRatioSquare drive in/outLengthDiameter ØWeight
HT-31300 N-m5:1½" / ¾"126 mm108 mm3,8 Kg
HT-3 HD2700 N-m5:1¾" / 1"126 mm108 mm3,8 Kg


Torque Multiplier - Compact Series

HT-72 with and without AWUR

The compact dimensions of this range allows excellent access and easy, safe handling with a guaranteed accuracy of better than +/-4%, up to 7000 N·m.

All Compact Series multipliers are supplied with a carry case.


ModelTorque rangeRatioSquare drive in/outDiameter ØWeight kg
1802001000Nm4,5:11/2" - 3/4"52mm0.85
1802011000Nm22:13/8" - 3/4"52mm0.85
1802021000Nm22:11/2" - 3/4"52mm0.85
180203 *1000Nm22:13/8" - 3/4" 52mm0.85
180204 *1000Nm22:11/2" - 3/4" 52mm0.85
180205 *1000Nm22:13/8" - 1" 52mm0.85
180206 *1000Nm22:11/2" - 1" 52mm0.85
1802071000Nm5:11/2" - 3/4"72mm0.66
1802081500Nm5:11/2" - 1"72mm0.66
1802091500Nm5:13/4" - 3/4"72mm0.66
1802102000Nm5:13/4" - 1"72mm0.66
1802111000Nm27:11/2" - 3/4"72mm0.66
1802122000Nm27:11/2" - 1"72mm0.66
180213 *1000Nm27:11/2" - 3/4" 72mm0.66
180214 *2000Nm27:11/2" - 1" 72mm0.66
180924000Nn25:11/2" - 1"92mm5,4Kg
180917000Nm25:11/2" - 1 1/2"119mm9,3Kg
* Fitted with Anti Wind-Up Ratchet (AWUR)

Anti Wind-Up Ratchet (AWUR)
With any high ratio gearbox (25:1 or more) a certain amount of wind-up (backlash) has to be taken up before any useful tigheting work is applied to the nut.

Each time the input device is released, the wind-up will rotate it back against the direction of operation.

The Anti Wind-Up Ratchet(AWUR) retains all of the wind-up forces as they are created with the following benefits:

1. The torque input device can not fly backwards against the direction of operation if it suddenly released.

2. Without an Anti Wind-Up Ratchet, it will often be necessary to continue to make 360 degree sweeps with the torque input device otherwise the multiplier will 'unwind'. However, obstruction will often make this impossible.

3. With an Anti Wind-Up Ratchet fitted, the multiplier becomes locked onto the nut because the reaction plate is held hard againt the reaction point. This means that even used upside down, the multiplier will support it's own weight. 

Bilde av ht2-ht5[1]Torque Multiplier - Standard Series

Supplied with reaction arm.

Truq torque multiplication guaranteed better than +/-4%.

Electronic torque transducers can be fitted for precise torque monitoring.

Other models available up to 300,000Nm

ModelTorque rangeRatioSquare drive in/outDiameter ØLenghtWeight
160101700 N·m5:1½"/ ¾"108 mm106 mm3,0 Kg
16089 *1700 N·m25:1½"/1"108 mm126 mm5,6 Kg
160143400 N·m5:1¾"/1"119 mm143 mm4,7 Kg
16090 *3400 N·m25:1½"/1"119 mm187 mm7,5 Kg
160163400 N·m5:1¾"/1½"119 mm149 mm4,7 Kg
16092 *3400 N·m25:1½"/1½"119 mm195 mm7,5 Kg
* Fitted with Anti Wind-Up Ratchet (AWUR)

Bilde av HT7 og HT11

ModelTorque rangeRatioSquare drive in/outDiameter ØLenghtWeight
160676000 N·m5:1¾"/1½"144 mm165 mm8,1 Kg
16065 *6000 N·m25:1½"/1½"144 mm225,5 mm10,7 Kg
16065 * 6000 N·m25:1½"/1½130 mm211 mm10,6 Kg
16068 *6000 N·m125:1½"/1½"144 mm239,5 mm12,2 Kg
16070 *9500 N·m25:1¾"/1½"184 mm209 mm17,4 Kg
16071 *9500 N·m125:1½"/1½"184 mm234 mm18,9 Kg
1608220000 N·m25:1¾"/1½"212 mm329,4 mm30,6 Kg
16049 *20000 N·m125:1½"/1½"212 mm307 mm32,1 Kg
16053 *47500 N·m125:1¾"/1½"315 mm366 mm95,2 Kg
 * Fitted with Anti Wind-Up Ratchet (AWUR)