Pneumatic/Electric Torque Multipliers

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Pistol Grip
The PTS and PTM series of PneuTorques is engineered to be amongst the lightest and fastest on the market for torques up to 6000 Nm. Torque control is normally achieved by adjustment of air pressure. An air pressure versus torque graph a calibration certificate is supplied with each tool.
PTM-52, PTM-72 and PTME-72 also offer the option of electronic torque control.

Top Grip

The 'Standard Series' PneuTorque is a direct result of over 50 years of refinement and development necessary to keep pace with the requirements of industry today.
Two Speed models offer all the advantages of single speed version but with the additional benefit of a run-down speed five times greater than the final torque speed.

Models available up to 300,000 Nm.


The EvoTorque® is an electronic torque tool designed for applying torque to threaded fasteners. The unique ‘Intelligent Joint Sensing’ technology will accurately tighten to the correct torque without the risk of excess overshoot or undershoot that is common in other electric tools. 
EvoTorque® utilises patent pending motor technology and shut off control software to give unprecedented joint control from hard through to soft joints. Water and dust sealed to IP44 the tool has third party sound verification (Lwa) of 72.3dB (A) and a vibration level of 0.304m/s² for smooth and quiet delivery. 
Models are available from 1000 Nm to 6000 Nm in both 110V and 230V.