Electronic Torque Multiplier


The EvoTorque® 2 is an electronic torque tool designed for accurately applying torque to threaded fasteners. Tools are factory calibrated to ±3% of reading. The unique ‘intelligent joint sensing’ technology continually measures the joint during tightening and, when necessary, employs dynamic braking to avoid torque over-shoot due to motor inertia. Consequently, EvoTorque® can apply torque accurately over a wide range of joint rates from hard (high torque rate) through to soft (low torque rate). All EvoTorque® tools are highly tolerant of supply voltage and frequency variation. When the tool runs, it will run accurately. If the supply voltage is outside of tolerance then, as a safety feature, the tool will be prevented from starting.
The EvoTorque® 2 has the ability to memorise multiple targets, work IDs, user IDs and readings. The tool has three modes of operation: Torque, Torque and Angle and Torque Audit. The unique Audit Mode is a sophisticated feature for testing pre-tightened bolts with minimal impact on the original fastening torque and can provide quality control data for monitoring joint performance over time.

ModelTorque RangeRPMSquare drive

Gear Ø mm

ET 72/1000200-100021¾" - 1"7239010,4
ET 72/1350270-135017¾" - 1"7239010,4
ET 72/2000400-2000111"7242510,8
ET 72/2700540-27008,51"7245012,9
ET 92/4000800-400061"9245012,9
ET 119/60001200-60003,31½"11948016,8