Pneumatic / Hydraulic API Torque Tool Class 1-7


Verktøy as Industri produces and markets in cooperation with Norbar Torque Tools a series of API 17d Class 1-7 torque APItools (ISO ref 13628-8) for top-side testing and integration checks. The tool series is a very cost efficient and viable alternative to the Sub Sea fitted tool systems.

The tools are fitted with torque transducers and angle encoders / turn count which through their read-out instruments can produce very accurate test results and logs of system checks.

The tools cost a fraction of their sub sea counterparts, but are even more accurate and reliable. The speed or rpm of the tool series is identical to the sub sea tool series.
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They are fitted to run on standard compressed air and have a torque accuracy of +/- 5% with repeatability of +/- 2% only on air-motor running. When using the onboard torque transducer the accuracy of applied torque is increased to +/- 0,5 % with a subsequent repeatability of +/- 0,5%. The tool kits are supplied
with standard suit-case mounted instruments for torque and angle, and are compatible with most loggers/spiders
(0-10V analogue feed or RS 232-485 digital output).


*Class 6 & 7 subject to drawing approval - several lengths of recepticles are used.

All kits are supplied in water-, shock-, and dust proof Pelicases