Torque wrench loader


These loaders allow torque wrenches to be calibrated or tested in accordance with ISO 6789:2003,
BS EN 26789:2003 and American military standard GGG-W-686.
Their function is to take full advantage of the accuracy of Norbar's torque measuring system by reducing
operator induced varioations in the calibration process.

The design allows for easy interchange of transducers using the Norbar Static Transducer system. 

ISO 3000 reaction extension bar allows wrenches up to 2200mm to be tested. This can be removed to save space. 

Motorised version with speed control is available for the ISO 1500. This can be purchased as a kit to motorise
an existing ISO or as a complete ISO 1500 Motorised Torque Wrench Loader. 


ModelTorque range
ISO 15000,1 - 1500 Nm
ISO 300010-3000 Nm


                               ISO 1500                                                                                      ISO 3000