Torque Wrenches & Screwdrivers

It is becoming and increasingly stricter use of controlled troque tightening in all industries.
Everything from the assebly of small things such as pacemakers and electronics, tire changes on vehicles and
assembly of ship engines.
Verktøy AS Industri supplies manual tools from 4cNm and up to 3000Nm. We also have our own calibration laboratory
that can calibrate manual tools from 0,1Nm and up to 3000Nm 

684549%26width%3D307%26height%3D86%26zwidth%3D307%                                                                  Momentskrutrekker som går fra 4cNm til 22cNm

                                                                                        Norbar No.6R nøkkel som går fra 900 til 2000Nm