Electromechanical torque wrench

Clicktronic wrenches uses an electronic O.L.E.D (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display to apply torque

(Do not mix with NorTronic wrenches that electronically measures applied torque)
ClickTronic has been engineered to combine the proven mechanics of our Professional wrench with an 
Organic Light-Emitting Diode (O.L.E.D) display. The result is in an accurate, durable, comfortable and easy to
use torque wrench. The digital display provides the user with a more clear and easy to read scale, 
significantly helping to reduce setting errors. The new digital display can also easily switch between twelve 
different torque units, meaning most country's preferred torque units can be accessed.
Factory calibrated to +/-3% and our tried and tested mechanism ensures that accuracy is retained for longer. 
Secure push/pull lock adjustment knob is quick and intuitive to use and prevents accidental adjustment. 
0.2 N.m scale increments between 40 - 54 N.m, 0.5 N.m scale increments between 54 - 136 N.m and 1 N.m scale increments between 136 - 200 N.m 
Unique on a torque wrench, the TimeStrip® gives a visual indication that the wrench is due for re-calibration. 

Video - Presentation

Video - Instruction

ModelTorque wrenchLengthWeightSquare drive
1516610-50 Nm240 mm0,8 Kg3/8" (+1/2" adapter)
1516720-100 Nm392 mm1,0 Kg1/2"
1516840-200 Nm474 mm1,2 Kg1/2"
1515760-300 Nm598 mm1,5 Kg1/2"
1515868-340 Nm690 mm1,5 Kg1/2"