Electronical torque wrenches


Norbar has come with a whole new series of electronic torque wrenches, NorTronic®. 


The NorTronic® is an electronic torque and angle wrench capable of measuring, displaying, storing and transmitting test results and receiving configuration settings from TDS (Torque Data System) PC software via a USB or wireless interface.
±1% accuracy between 20 and 100% of wrench operating capacity 
±2% accuracy between 10 and 19% of wrench operating capacity
Performs to IP44 for resistance to dust and water ingress 
Two full colour OLED displays positioned at 90 degrees for great visibility 
Colour indicator on display changes when target torque/angle has been reached 
Audible and vibration feedback when set target of torque/angle has been reached 
ModelTorque rangeLengthWeightSquare drive
435005-50N·m468 mm1,2 Kg3/8"
435015-50N·m468 mm1,2 Kg1/2"
4350220-200N·m593 mm1,5Kg1/2"
4350330-330N·m808 mm1,9Kg1/2"


Accuracy of ± 1% of Actual Reading from 10%-100% of full Scale


Storage capacity of up to 3000 measurements
Audible feedback when set target of torque has been reached 
Torque & Angle Modes available
Large, Organic LED screen with high visibility & colour warning signals

ModelTorque rangeLengthWeightSquare drive
TSD 3500.35 - 3.5 N·m170 mm0,7 Kg¼"
TWD 10010 - 100 N·m415 mm0,9 Kg3/8"
TWD 30030 -300 N·m495 mm1,2 Kg½"