Test & Calibration Equipment

Calibration equipment for torque tools is essential to ensure tightening of bolts and other threaded fasteners are performed correctly.

Calibration and testing of torque tools is very important to any businesses that deals with the use of screws, bolts and other threaded fasteners.
Verktøy AS Industri (VASI) delivers torque sensors with instrumentation and a variety of test rigs developed in
accordance with current strandards for calibration.
VASI has its own calibration laboratory that recalibrates and certifies calibration and test equipment. 
VASI calibrates other brands of equipment as well as the ones we supply.
VASI mechanical laborotory operates according to 17025 laborotory standard and our procedures are subject to clients vision.
(which includes for example, FAA, Aker Solutions, SAS Technical Services)